Latest research:

August 2013 – Barbara Preston, Destinations of initial teacher education graduates: New South Wales regions, all states and territories and Australia, and comparisons with selected other occupations , a report prepared for the New South Wales Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, Barbara Preston Research, Canberra

May 2013 – Barbara Preston, The social make-up of schools: Family income, Indigenous status, family type, religion and broadband access of students in government, Catholic and other nongovernment schools, a report prepared for the Australian Education Union, Barbara Preston Research, Canberra


May 2013 – Australian Education Union (ACT): Friend of Public Education Award

October 2012 – Australian Council of Deans of Education: Distinguished Service to the ACDE Award

Other activities:

October and December 2013 – Singing with the Canberra Choral Society in CarminaBurana(Llewellyn Hall on 30 and 31 October) and Messiah (Llewellyn Hall on 14 December)

December 2013 – Presentation to the Australian Association for Research in Education annual conference in Adelaide: ‘Are Australian universities producing too many graduates?’

January 2015 – My garden will again be open as part of Open Gardens Australia